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Forrest Powell was raised in the musical triangle of North Carolina’s capitol, where from a young age his father introduced guitars and recording techniques, while his mother instilled a classical interest.  He was a part of the acclaimed Raleigh boychoir under the tutelage of Thomas Sibley, and during these formative years performing with the NC Symphony, Forrest developed a passion for orchestra.

In his teenage years, fronting a band taught the dynamic of challenges that collaboration requires, and offered insight and excitement about what music can ultimately deliver as a universal language and unifier, between friends and strangers alike. Throughout the years, a tinkering interest and the unconventional approach became part of his writing process; before sampling or virtual instruments had become commonplace among composers, Forrest was recording the family upright piano note for note, to create his own digital composing platform in the late 90s.

In 2015, Forrest began to write with Chicago based Studio 51 for Pacifica, eventually expanding into an introduction to Scorekeepers Music in Los Angeles.

Today, Forrest continues to compose a much wider array of sounds at his disposal; with decades of experience honing a soundtrack esthetic into modern solo works, his writing is rife with felt pianos, strings and bells, synths and anything he can strike or bow for sound.




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